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IT Security is no longer an option. All businesses need a firewall, endpoint protection and secure backup. Voip IT assesses, implements and maintains IT Security for businesses of all types and sizes, predominantly in West Auckland and Auckland wide by arrangement.

Voip IT’s approach to IT Security

IT Security is similar to building security. You don’t leave a shop unattended with the door open and expect to come back later with nothing stolen. Without IT Security you risk loss of data, money and time. Security needs to be a layered approach.

How is IT Security provided?

Technology is used protect your business from cyber-attacks – it’s like the lock on the front door and the security alarm! Protect your endpoint devices like computers, smart devices, and routers; networks; and the cloud.

Voip IT uses world leading technology including ESET and SOPHOS to provide:

  • Antivirus protection  
  • Ransomware protection
  • Advanced protection against internet threats
  • Banking and phishing protection
  • Network protection
  • Secure and encrypted data

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ESET NOD32 Antivirus
The essential Antivirus and ransomware solution.

ESET Internet Security
Advanced protection against internet threats.

ESET Smart Security Premium
Ultimate cyber security for your online safety.


The complete layered protection for your business.

  • End point Solutions
  • Firewall Solutions 
  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Managed Threat Response

Voip IT are certified by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority as Security Consultants and Technicians.