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In House or Cloud Hosted Phone Servers

The last 5 years has seen some big changes in the way we approach telephony. Going right back to the 80’s, that’s 1980’s through to 2015 all business owners understood the term PABX. It was that box in the Telecommunications cupboard or even room that enabled us to answer and transfer calls within our business. We paid big dollars for it but it lasted 10 to 15 years so it paid for itself, especially if you were a motel and were charging for calls.

The advent of Voip changed everything, for a start those big Telco Giants could no longer monopolise the market, smaller companies like us were able to offer lines and calling rates at a fraction of the cost of analogue or ISDN lines.

There still are good arguments for in-house phone systems especially one that takes advantage of  Voip lines. However the trend in recent years has been to utilise cloud based phone servers and rent the phones. To find out more please give us a call and we will discuss the pro’s and cons of both options with you.   

In House Solutions

We have wonderful products in the LG Ericsson  iPECS phone systems that have passed the test of time. Well known as the Aria brand they have been a bread and butter product in the New Zealand market place for small business since the mid 1980’s. Ericsson (one of the biggest Telco’s in the world) on the other hand was introduced at about the same time for larger NZ businesses. In 2010 Ericsson entered into a joint venture with LG and the iPECS was born. 

LG-iPECS_UCP2400-2 “Your local West Auckland I.T. company that supplies Computer, Internet & voice solutions that work”.
LG iPECS Server

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud hosted phone systems have really come to their own since about 2017 in New Zealand. During Covid shutdown they showed their metal with the flexibility they have to offer. Predominantly being able to take your phone home with you to work from home enabled some business to keep answering calls as normal. Cloud hosted phone solutions are cost effective, easy and flexible combine the solution with great looking robust Yealink phones and you have a fabulous combination.

Yealink T46U Voip Desk phone